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Software Review

Get Dropbox and Lose the USB Drive



I can’t imagine there are many people that haven’t heard of and aren’t using dropbox. This software has changed how and where I work. Instead of going to work or school with the USB drive and hoping not to lose it or overwrite files, I use dropbox…

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Meal planning app for iPad



A friend of mine is in the beginning stages of developing a really great meal planning application for the iPad. I venture that it could also work in other environments and I know David would love some feedback from people with interest. The UI looks great, but I would expect nothing less…See for yourself.

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Snagit 10



Snagit 10 has been released for quite a while now, but I am still impressed by the functionality improvements. TechSmith has a great product in Jing, but I just can’t say enough about the Snagit 10 all in one feature! Snagit 9 was my first introduction to Snagit and I loved the product.

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