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Web Design

Bauer Technologies

Bauer Technologies, Inc. is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Arlington, VA.

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Osborne Pest and Turf


Osborne Pest and Turf is a basic informational site with a minimalist look and feel developed using a responsive design / mobile first process.

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Coach’s Eye Leaderboard


This project was built while working on the Coach’s Eye team at TechSmith Corporation. The site is a responsive layout designed using a mobile first and progressive enhancement approach.

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Keystone Millbrook


Keystone Millbrook is a large printing company that is the result of a recent merger of two company’s, Keystone Printing and Millbrook Printing. I was provided a logo and basic brand guidelines and developed a responsive design and custom WordPress theme.

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Camtasia Relay 3 Product Tour Pages


Camtasia Relay is enterprise-wide screen recording. Multiple people can record meetings, training sessions, lectures and more with just 3 clicks.

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Camtasia Product Page


Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac are industry standard screen recording software applications and two of TechSmith’s core products. This was my first design assignment from after joining the TechSmith team.

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Square Lake Diner


This site is a new design created to establish an online presence for a restaurant soon to open in Troy, Michigan.

The design goal was to provide users quick access to contact information, directions, and menu selections.

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Title Source 2.0


This was one of my favorite projects while working as a web developer at Title Source. This site was developed using .NET to streamline the development process. One of the main reasons this project is so memorable was the collaboration of the business units.

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Title Source 1.0


Title Source was looking for an overall redesign when I was hired in 2005. The original site was static html and the design hadn’t been updated in many years. My first responsibility was to develop a new look and feel using the existing website content.

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